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Late-K Lunacy

Ted Bernard

A novel about the near-term future




Bernard (Hope and Hard Times, 2010) wields a wise and skillful voice ...that cross-pollinates an impressive garden of genres. ---Kirkus Reviews.


A devastatingly truthful work of ecology-based fiction, and a gripping story of the coming-of-age of a group of post-carbon millennials. Much more than an ecological dystopia, Late-K Lunacy is a splendid evocation of the world going into – and eventually coming out of – an ecological crisis, as Holling’s ecological cycles are characterized by both collapse and recovery, like a never ending Möbius strip.

                                                         Fikret Berkes, author of Sacred Ecology 

What Bernard offers us is worth turning the pages: an inside look at leadership in academia; true suspense (we know what's coming, but when and how will it happen?), including some shocking turns of events; characters that are more complicated than vanilla young "heroes" who can save the day; and, overall, a sense of at least wanting to enact a stubborn resiliency with the help of community. 

                  Becca J.R. Lachman, author of The Apple Speaks and Other Acreage






Sustainability Classics

New Catalyst Books by New Society Publishers

A wonderful collection of stories that will
truly lift your spirits:  stories of courage,
stories of people devoted to their place and
determined to overcome the differences that
separate.                       ---John Flicker
A wise and richly informative and
inspiring book.                
                             ---Stephanie Mills

    Now Available

A college campus...

threatened by fracking.

Students occupy, protest, resist, bumble into

terrifying domains.

A storm of the century.

The world at the brink:

climate collapsing,

systems failing,

disease spreading,

apocalypse looming.


A heart-rending story of students

and their beloved mentor as they

confront the unhinged world of


                           ---Doris Leibowitz

Ms. Dukas and me

In antediluvian times, I earned degrees from Bridgewater State University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I taught legions of incredible students at Ohio University, Kenyatta University, and the University of Botswana.  With my wife and best friend, Donna Lofgren, I live blissfully on a ridge-top farm not far from the Ohio River.

News and Events

Ohio University College of Arts and Sciences Forum
Athens News Review
Late-K Lunacy events
April 29, 2018 Noon-2 PM-- Book Signing - Little Professor Book Center, 65 S. Court, Athens, OH - 740-592-4418
June 18, 2018 Author's Chair interview with Jan Hodson, WOUB Public Media.  
October 20, 2018  Books by the Banks 2018---Cincinnati Regional Book Festival, 10AM to 4 PM, Duke Energy Center, Cincinnati
April 27, 2019  Ohioana Book Festival, 10:30AM to 5PM---Columbus Metropolitan Library, Main Library, 96 South Grant Avenue, Columbus OH  43215


Ted Bernard

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